Nicola Dudich

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  • Abstract painting titled 'Cable Zombie,' showing a face with a mouth full of colorful audio cables, representing the overwhelming influx of technology in our lives.

    Cable Zombie

  • Abstract painting titled 'Colours of Oberheim' featuring a colorfully detailed Oberheim synthesizer set against a vivid red background, with bright, intertwining cables.

    Colours of Oberheim

  • A 15x18 inch cubist painting titled 'Guitar Cubism,' depicting an abstract, multi-colored electric guitar in bold geometric shapes against a dark background, representing the fusion of art and music.

    Guitar Cubism

  • Abstract painting titled 'Gym Girl,' depicting the back view of a female figure in a gym setting, with a patchwork of bright, bold colors against contrasting red and blue sections.

    Gym Girl

  • Abstract painting titled 'Hand Of God' featuring textured white vertical shapes resembling fingers interlaced with red diagonal lines on a blue background, suggesting a divine presence amidst chaos.

    Hand Of God

  • xpressionist painting titled 'In Red,' featuring a figure with blue and yellow highlights over red-toned skin, set against a textured red background, invoking deep emotion.

    In Red

  • A cubist-style painting titled 'Jazzy Cubism,' featuring a trumpet, abstract faces resembling singers, and a pianist at a colorful piano, all set against a stark black background.

    Jazzy Cubism

  • Abstract figurative painting titled 'Locker Room,' depicting an athletic female form with exaggerated colors against a bright, red and yellow, striped background.

    Locker Room

  • Abstract painting titled 'Modular Street' with a stylized depiction of modular synthesizer components and interconnecting cables in a vibrant array of colors.

    Modular Street

  • A bold, abstract painting titled 'Nude Girl,' featuring a figure in primary colors with a contemplative expression, set against a striking red and blue background.

    Nude Girl

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    Spring In Berlín


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