Nicola Dudich

Painter, designer, and electric live artist with his own modern style and technological inspiration. The colours and original ideas make his art really unique and in demand.

Every painting has its own unique charm
Most of his customers are professional musicians and manufacturers of music equipment.
He is inspired by the sound of music instruments and synthesizers.

The artworks are already decorating studios and workplaces all over the world
Nicola and his family are from Ukraine and thankfully made their way to safety.

All of his paintings are oil on canvas.

Nicolas Dudich
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More Art

Guitar Cubism

A 15x18 inch (38 x 46 cm) canvas where vibrant cubist artistry meets the soulful essence of the guitar, perfect for music and art enthusiasts alike.


Hand Of God

A captivating abstract painting that evokes a divine touch amidst existential tumult. This piece is a profound conversation starter, perfect for collectors seeking a touch of the sublime. 28.7 x 36.3 in (92 x 73cm)


Jazzy Cubism

A spirited cubist artwork that captures the essence of jazz in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. This piece, with its sharp lines and bold colors, brings the vivacity of a live jazz performance into any space, perfect for enthusiasts of music and modernist art.

Size: 21.6 x 18 in (55 x 46 cm)


Under The Water

Dive into “Under The Water,” a captivating artwork where marine life meets music. This striking piece features a vivid red octopus intricately holding a music mixer, symbolizing the harmony of oceanic depths and rhythmic beats. It’s a perfect fusion for art collectors who cherish the sea and sound.

Size: 23.6×19.7 inches (60 x 50 cm)


Colours of Oberheim

Colours of Oberheim" artfully captures the essence of sound synthesis in this visually striking painting. Bold colours animate the classic Oberheim synthesizer, evoking the vibrant sounds and iconic history of electronic music creation.

Size: 21.2x18 inches (54x46 cm)


In Red

"In Red" is a provocative expressionist portrait that captures the human form in bold strokes and vibrant colors, set against a passionate red backdrop. This artwork exudes a raw, emotive power that commands attention, making it a daring addition to any art collection.

Size: 15.7x19.7 inches (40x50 cm)


Gym Girl

Gym Girl" is a dynamic portrait, a vibrant exploration of the human physique and movement, captured in a spectrum of vivacious colors against a geometric backdrop. This piece offers a modern take on the classic figure study, perfect for contemporary art enthusiasts.

Size: 19.7x27.56 inches (70x50 cm)


Locker Room

Locker Room" captures the intimate energy of the athletic form. Vivid, bold brushstrokes highlight the strength and contour of the body, set against a backdrop of striking color blocks. This painting is a celebration of physicality and the human form, perfect for any lover of art and movement.

Size: 19.7x27.56 (50x70 cm)


Nude Girl

"Nude Girl" is a compelling artwork that celebrates the human form through vibrant colors and expressive brushwork. This piece juxtaposes raw emotion with playful hues, creating a captivating visual narrative that resonates with the boldness of the subject.

Size: 19.7x27.56 (50x70 cm)


Modular Street

"Modular Street" is an artistic ode to electronic music, portraying the complex beauty of modular synthesizers. The colorful patch cables and modules, painted with a street art twist, create an urban landscape that pulses with the rhythm of innovation and sound.

Size: 23.6x19.7 inches (60x50 cm)



"Patient" abstractly portrays the often overlooked beauty of patience, with a tangle of colorful cables set against a rustic, textured background, symbolizing the intricate connections and waiting periods in life's network.

Size: 15.7x19.7 inches (40x50 cm)


Spring In Berlín

"Spring In Berlín" offers a surreal juxtaposition of nature and technology. Through a detailed landscape that merges human, tree, and electronic elements, this painting reflects on the organic and synthetic coexistence in our modern world.

Size: 27.5x19.7 inches (70x50 cm)


Cable Zombie

"Cable Zombie" is an evocative piece that starkly captures our society's entanglement with technology. Brightly colored cables spill from the subject's mouth, symbolizing our voracious consumption of digital information in a world where communication lines are our sustenance.

Size: 13x15.7 inches (40x33 cm)


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