The Clash Hand Signed Drum Skin

The Clash used drumskin hand signed by the band Paul Simonon, Mick Jones and Topper Headon


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The Clash, a London-based band formed in 1976, were punk rock pioneers who refused to be confined by genre. Their sound wasn't limited to just fast tempos and social commentary; they incorporated reggae, dub, funk, and even rockabilly. Paul Simonon wasn't just a bassist, his aggressive playing style and rebellious energy mirrored the band's attitude. Mick Jones, the creative engine, wrote or co-wrote many of their songs and provided signature guitar work alongside sharing vocals with Joe Strummer. Rounding out the core was Topper Headon, a drummer whose powerful and versatile style could shift from punk intensity to smooth reggae grooves.

This rocking drum skin is hand signed by all 3.

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