Seasick Steve Hand-Signed Album CD


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Dive into the gritty world of modern blues with this hand-signed CD of 'Walkin' Man - The Best of Seasick Steve', released in 2011. This compilation album encapsulates the essence of Seasick Steve's unique sound, blending traditional blues with a contemporary twist. It serves as a perfect introduction to new listeners and a treasure for long-time fans.

This collectible features Seasick Steve's authentic signature, making it an extraordinary piece of music memorabilia. His autograph brings a personal connection to this compilation of his greatest hits, elevating it from a mere CD to a memorable keepsake.

Please be aware that the CD cover bears the marks of its journey, with a notable crack. This imperfection does not detract from the music's quality but adds a unique character to the item, reminiscent of the raw and unpolished style of Seasick Steve's music.

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