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Public Image Ltd (abbreviated and known as PiL) … English post-punk band formed by lead vocalist John Lydon (previously, Johnny Rotten, lead vocalist of Sex Pistols)
Hand Signed by John Lydon


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Public Image Ltd, often abbreviated as PiL, is a highly influential English post-punk band formed in London in 1978. The band was the brainchild of John Lydon, formerly known as Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of the iconic punk rock band Sex Pistols. Seeking a new musical direction after the Sex Pistols' disbandment, Lydon joined forces with guitarist Keith Levene (a founding member of The Clash), bassist Jah Wobble, and drummer Jim Walker.
Their name, Public Image Ltd (or Limited), was inspired by the Muriel Spark novel "The Public Image" and took on a slightly ironic tone.

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