Peter Hook Hand-Signed Illustration


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Delve into the heart of the Manchester music scene with this unique illustration, personally hand-signed by Peter Hook, the iconic bassist and co-founder of Joy Division and New Order. Their music, characterized by innovation and emotional depth, left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Peter Hook's signature on this illustration adds an authentic touch of music history. As a key architect of "The Manchester Sound," Hook's influence extended beyond music, shaping the cultural fabric of Manchester and impacting the global music scene. This item celebrates his legacy and the unforgettable moments at legendary Manchester venues like The Haçienda and The Factory, known for their vibrant music culture.

A treasure for music enthusiasts and collectors, this hand-signed illustration comes with a certificate of authenticity. It represents not just the musical journey of Peter Hook with Joy Division and New Order but also a significant chapter in Manchester's rich cultural history.

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