Pete Townshend Signed 12″ Vinyl – ‘Can’t Outrun The Truth’ Limited Edition


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Immerse yourself in the world of rock legend Pete Townshend with this exclusive, hand-signed 12" vinyl single, 'Can't Outrun The Truth.' Released in March 2023, this limited edition vinyl marks Townshend's first single in nearly 30 years. Written during the pandemic, a significant portion of the proceeds from the vinyl sales went to the Teenage Cancer Trust, making it a meaningful addition to your music memorabilia collection.

What sets this vinyl apart is that only 200 special 12" singles were hand-signed by Pete Townshend himself, making it a true collector's item. To add to its uniqueness, the stunning cover artwork was created by the renowned English artist Damien Hirst. These limited edition vinyl singles were exclusively available at the Albert Hall charity concert, making them extremely rare.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of music history, featuring visually stunning artwork.

Order now and become one of the lucky few to own this incredible collector's item.

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