Here Comes The Sun – Hand-Signed By Ringo Starr

“Here Comes the Sun” Sheet music Hand-Signed by Ringo Starr


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Here Comes the Sun, written by George Harrison, is one of the most beloved songs by the Beatles. From their 1969 album Abbey Road.

The song has multiple layers of meaning. On the surface, it's a joyous celebration of the arrival of sunshine after a long, cold winter. This can be interpreted literally, or as a metaphor for emerging from a difficult period in life.

Harrison reportedly wrote the song while escaping a business meeting for the Beatles by spending the day at his friend Eric Clapton's house. The song reflects his relief at getting a break from the band's troubles [here comes the sun story].

So, the song can be seen as an expression of hope and optimism, a belief that better times are ahead, whether due to the changing seasons or a positive change in one's circumstances.

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